If you want a relaxing vacation visit these 6 best beaches in Jamaica

JamaicaJamaica is an island in the Caribbean and is popular for its white-sand beaches, tropical rainforests, and other architectural sites. Tourists all around the world travel to Jamaica to experience the natural beauty and the mesmerizing beaches. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the 6 best beaches that you can go to while visiting Jamaica.

6 best beaches to visit in Jamaica

There are many beautiful beaches in Jamaica but we’re going to discuss only the 6 best ones.

Dunn’s River Falls Beach

Dunn’s River Falls Beach is located in Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Dunn’s River Falls Beach is well-known for its beautiful white sand. As the water here is calm, and still the beach is popular among scuba divers. You can visit Dunn’s River Falls beach to swim and scuba dive all year around.

Moreover, there’s a waterfall nearby this beach which is about 180 meters high, and to see the mesmerizing turquoise waterfall from such a height is simply breathtaking.

Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach is located in Negril Westmoreland in Jamaica. Half Moon Beach is well-known for its deep blue crystal-clear water. This beach in Jamaica is a symbol of natural beauty and people here can swim and relax.

Moreover, while in Half Moon Beach you can raft, and do kayaking in Half Moon’s shallow water. You can also enjoy great meals and set up a camp nearby this beach. To explore the beach get car rental services after car rental comparison.

Lime Cay Beach

It is located in the Kingston area of Jamaica. Lime Cay beach is popular among snorkelers and is well-known for the unique marine life that the ocean of this beach holds within itself.

There aren’t many people on Lime Cay beach and you can go on a small sea tour on a boat with a local fisherman. People can also just go on a swim while visiting Lime Cay beach.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile beach is located in the Negril area of Jamaica and is well-known for its high-class restaurants, and the dense white sand. There are a couple of spots near Seven Mile Beach where you can just lay down and relax.

There are various kinds of water-sport activities and people who want to have a good beach time with their children can surely visit Seven Mile Beach.

Sandals Montego Beach

Sandals Montego beach is located in the Montego Bay area in Jamaica. This beach is well-known for its calm turquoise water and luxurious resorts. People who want to spend a romantic evening with their loved ones can book a resort nearby this beach.

Although, there are no water-sport activities that this beach has to offer you can always just sit and watch the sunset.

Bloody Bay Beach

Bloody Bay beach is located on the north side of Negril. Blood Bay beach is popular for its low tides, and marine life especially coral reefs. People here can go scuba diving, and body surfing because of the high tides and there are several nice restaurants and hotels where they can dine and spend the rest of their night by the ocean.


If you’re planning to visit Jamaica then make sure to visit the above-mentioned beaches to see the true beauty of Jamaica and experience the unique marine life of its seas. You can get cheap car rental services from car rental companies. However. Before you rent a car make sure to compare car rental services so you can have best rental cars.