Most beautiful beaches in the USA you must visit once in life

USAThe United States of America has a lot of landscapes for one’s eyes. It has many cities, adventure parks, and beautiful islands. The USA has enough scenery that can take you decades to finish the whole America. Along with that, you can spot many beautiful and best beaches in the United States of America.

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Five best beaches to explore in the USA

Are you planning a trip to chill and relax than enjoying the sun and waves on the shore of the beaches is a perfect idea? Let us explore the five best beaches in the USA for your short trip.

Clearwater Beach in Florida

This beach has been listed as the best beaches in Florida as well as the USA. This beach looks stunning and is very picturesque. Many bars are available here stacked up with tasty food and snacks to have a meal break while you are on the shore. You can also climb over the boat if you want some isolation from the people on the beach.

Beach of Caspersen and Venice in Venice, Florida

This is also one of the stunning beaches in the United States of America located in Venice, Florida. Most families come here because this place is amazing for families shaving a hangout. Interestingly Venice beach has a section for dogs as well which is small but it is beautiful because it is built for the teeth of sharks. Caspersen Beach is a quieter beach than the beach of Venice. It is located in the south. Caspersen Beach is filled with a touch of nature.

Beach of Hanauma Bay on Honolulu Island in Hawaii

Are you a fan of swimming and want to have a beach to dive in the water? Hanauma Bay is the perfect beach for you. Who is not aware of how beautiful Hawaii is and then taking its beaches into account, they are going to leave your jaw dropped. Hanauma Bay is also one of the most popular ones where you can find more than 4 hundred species of marine animals including beautiful butterfly fish, steady sea turtles, and gorgeous dolphins.

La Jolla Cove Beach in California

This beach is a small part of the ecological reserve park. You can have a small visit over here for the water. This beach is surrounded by cliffs. You can sight playful seals on this beach. La Jolla Cove Beach is not that huge and is usually very crowded.

Cannon Beach in Oregon

The cannon beach on the coast of Pacific is also one of the most famous and most visited beaches in the USA. It is near Portland. You can see the beautiful landmark of Rock of Haystack which is iconic.

In conclusion

The United States of America is nowhere at the back in having the most beautiful landscapes than other countries. You can explore beautiful and incredible beaches which are stunning than each other making you indecisive in choosing your favorite one among the beaches. When getting rental cars make sure to compare car rental. With car rental comparison of different car rental companies you can easily find cheap car rental.