Most beautiful drives and scenic roads in America

Most beautiful drives and scenic roads in AmericaThe United States of America is a place where you can have a road trip and you will be amazed by the scenic roads. It is because of the amazing artifacts of nature and the result of great human composition.

Whatever your taste of nature is, you can find a road that will amaze you. From the gigantic tunnels going through the mountains and the roads growing around them to the roads made near the great water bodies, the USA has a lot to offer. We recommend you to book a rental car and enjoy your Travel experience in USA. Rent a car with pick up on arrival for easy access. It will help you explore more things.

Top Scenic Roads in the USA:

Here we have discussed some of the most scenic roads that you can find in the United States of America.

The Hana Highway of Maui

This is one of the most stunning highways present in the United States of America. It is because this is a two and a half-hour drive where on one side there is sea and on the other side, there are green mountains. The mountains here are covered in green trees that provide a great sight.

The Blue Ridge Parkway of Carolinas and Virginia

This Parkway is a great attraction for the tourists throughout the year, but it provides a special sight in the autumn days. It is because it was built through the mountains with a lot of plants and in the autumn season, the green trees get brown and yellow. This makes a very diverse and beautiful view.

The Lake Shore Drive of Chicago

As the name suggests, this road is made along the shore of Lake Michigan. On the other side of the road, there are the tall buildings of Chicago which present a great sight. This road presents an exceptionally great viewing experience at the dusk and dawn.

The U.S. 1 Florida Keys

This road is said to lead to the paradise of water sports. It is because this road leads towards the beach bars where a lot of water sports are happening in Florida. The main highlight of this road is the overseas highway string where the small islands are connected to the road like small beads. On this road, there is a lot to see like numerous lighthouses and underwater coral reef parks.

The Route 12 of Utah

This road goes through the steep sandy heaps and the Rocky Mountains. The desert-like surroundings of this road provide a great viewing experience while you are driving.
The Bluebonnet Trail Texas. Although this is not a road where you can travel by car, this is a place that will provide you a great sight because of the beautiful scenery. From March to May, this place gives stunning views because of the native flowers of the place.

The Trail Ridge Road of Colorado

This is one of the highest roads present in the United States of America as it is 12,183 feet high. This road passes through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Here the mountain sights are not the only thing to view as you can also see some animals here.

If you are looking to visit a road in the United States of America that will provide you with an unforgettable experience, then you are at the right place. Here we discussed some great scenic roads of the United States of America that you can visit for an immense viewing experience.