Most beautiful roads and scenic drives in Europe

Europe is the top tourist destination in the world. Much of the credit goes to the “European Union” that allows the tourists to travel the entire Europe with VISA from just one country. That being said, if you have a plan of visiting Europe, then you should try driving some of the best scenic routes to make it an experience worth remembering for you and your family.

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Top Roads in Europe with the most beautiful scenic beauty

All countries in Europe have a unique beauty of their own. Thus, when you travel, you should try all these routes that are present in different countries to make it the best experience. The scenic roads are as follows:

Most beautiful roads and scenic drives in EuropeFreiburg to Frankfurt

This road exists in Germany and goes through a beautiful forest better known as the “Black Forest”. The road is smooth and clean, and on your route, you will see lush green villages on both sides, and behind these villages, you will see huge mountains with a black forest spreading up at the top. Spring and streams of clean water may also be seen falling.

Bristol to England

This road in the United Kingdom will take you about 3 hours to complete. However, these 3 hours may be the best of your life. You can start from any side, but it is preferable to start from the classical city of Bristol and drive towards England, as it would give you the best view of all.

Ring of Kerry

The famous Ring of Kerry goes through Ireland, and while traveling this road you will lose track of the time. Depending on which way you are going from, you will see a coast on one side, and a mountain on the other. You will come across some beautiful, clean, and isolated beaches, where you can have the time of your life.

Salerno to Positano

This route in Italy is better known as Amalfi Coast. On one hand, you will have the sea view, with a lot of ships coming and going, and on the other, you will see the populous city elevating on the mountain. This route is a must-take.

The route of Napoleon

This is the path (in France) that Napoleon took from his return from exile in Elba. You will see lush greenery on both of your sides. This route is beautiful especially during the time of sunset.

Atlantic Ocean Road

Take this route that traverses through the seas and goes over the islands from one place to another. This is very beautiful and adventurous, but pretty scary at the same time.

Final Thoughts

These roads are well acknowledged by tourists all around the world. You should not waste your days away in Europe by sticking to cities and visiting historical sites, but also allow yourself to marvel at the scenic beauty of the Northern world, and engrave sights right from heaven into your memories. As days pass on, you will surely miss these views and would crave to visit Europe again.