Most scenic roads in New Zealand and the roadside beauty of New Zealand

New ZealandWhen people are asked about their dream destination then most of them say that New Zealand is the one. Why not! Because let us face it, New Zealand is the land of beauty, culture, and nature. Apart from its commercial and industrial area the roads and highway are even more exotic and entertaining than the intercity. This article guides about the beautiful roads to see and ride in New Zealand. Read well before you set off for your voyage to the roadside of New Zealand.

1. Queenstown to Glenorchy

Do you know that this route is named “the gateway to paradise”? This is because the entire route is surrounded by lakes, shore, Southern Alps, and many more breathtaking viewpoints. Tour buses will only show you the road and its route. However, if you hire a rent a car then you can easily travel up to the Dart River that is towards the Mt Aspiring National Park which is a must-see.

2. The Milford Road

Want to walk all alone for some “me time”? Take the Milford road. It is a long never-ending kind of road full of calmness and peace. The road is lined by green grass and glacier-covered mountains. The road is so dramatic that you will see impressive landscapes, some divine rainforest’s, and lakes whose water is very shiny and reflecting.

3. The Great Coast Road

A walk by the ocean is not just good to see and hear but also good and relaxing to feel. The entire road is located alongside a sea with mild noise-free waves. Not to forget the best method to travel on this route is to have a car of your own. Buy a rent car that will only cost you around 20-25 dollars for the road. You just need to keep in mind that you need to completely fuel up the car as there are very few petrol pumps on this road. The best time to visit this road is during the sunset and dawn. The view of the setting sun just looks spectacular. Compare rental cars at airports like Auckland Airport, Wellington Airport, Christchurch Airport, Hamilton Airport, Dunedin Airport, Tauranga Airport, Palmerston North Airport.

4. Mount Cook Road

A long drive would be great on this road. The reason why this road is so famous is because of the garden of the sunflower that is lined around the road. If you take the route during the daytime you will experience the reality check of nature.

5. Haast Pass

You have not seen anything in New Zealand if you have not seen the Haast Pass. It runs from Wanaka to the west coast of South Island. The road is surrounded by thick forests and exuberant waterfalls. The water is so clean, pure, and fresh that it reflects. To travel on this road you need a huge time because there is so much to see and explore.

Enjoy to the fullest because you never know when you can avail yourself of a chance again. New Zealand is the place of dreams and so you will never regret your trip ever. In New Zealand you will find car rental companies like Ezirent, National, Budget, Ezi Car Rental, Firefly, Drive Nz, InterRent, Hitch, Avis, GO Rentals, Thrifty, Snap Rentals, Aerodrive, Dollar, Abell, Europcar, Jucy, Lucky, Hertz, Alamo, Sixt, Mode Rentals, Redspot, Enterprise, Ace, Scotties, East Coast Rentals and Letz. You find the most companies at the airports.