The Most scenic and spectacular roads in Wales

The Most scenic and spectacular roads in WalesWales is a country of the United Kingdom, which lies in the West of England. As a country, it is quite beautiful with a lot of mountainous terrain and amazing roads. Tourists from all over the world come especially to the United Kingdom to visit these places, and some of the roads here are a popular tourist attraction.

We have picked 4 such routes that are sure to enthrall you inside-out.

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Top Roads in Wales with the best view:

The motorways in Wales are interconnected with numbers. You will get confused with the numbering system, so we have mentioned the locations the roads go through instead, a naming system which is more famous there anyway. Nevertheless, let’s move over to the best scenic roads of Wales. They are as follows:

Abergwesyn Road

This place is also known as the Devil’s Staircase because of its ridiculously amazing terrain. It gives a beautiful view with streams, forests and various moorlands.

  • Although the road is comparatively small in length, the drive will take quite a while because this road is structured in a way that compels you to drive slowly.
  • Well, if you look at the bright side, it is rather good because you get more time to marvel at the beauty of this road.

Black Mountain

The black mountain pass is one of the most famous scenic roads in Wales. As the name suggests, this pass goes over a mountain that is made up of dark soil.

  • Many people also call it the “Top Gear Road” for its past link with Jeremy Clarkson’s car driving show “Top Gear”.
  • The fact that he chose this road is also proof of how beautiful the view here would be, and how perfect the road is.

Snowdon Road

If you take a round of Snowdon anti-clockwise, you will come across some of the most surprising scenic views you will ever come across in your life. Wherever you look, you will see tall and beautiful mountains. Moreover, the cliffs will make your hike over the mountains and reach out to them (a thing you should avoid at all costs unless with approval).

Road from Llangollen

If you want to traverse through mountains that go across beautiful forests and lakes, take the road from Llangollen to Snowdonia. The best time to take this trip would be the autumn season because when you drive through a forest of yellow and brown trees, with dried leaves falling all over the place, you will experience an aesthetic that many yearn.

Final Thoughts

If you want to visit the UK, then you should put Wales on your bucket list. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, you should visit Wales at least once whenever you are free. Take your family, spend quality time driving and riding over its beautiful roads, make amazing memories, and see the beauty that nature has left us within this world. If you have the time, make sure to utilize it in the best way possible, for this life is only but one.