Top 5 Beaches in Bulgaria you must visit once in your life

If you’re looking for a cheap summer vacation with more to offer than just the beach, Bulgaria is the place to go. Its Black Sea coast goes from north to south, with a diverse range of beaches, some family-friendly, some popular for their parties, and others completely isolated and wild. Here’s our list of Bulgaria’s best beaches.

Top 5 Beaches in Bulgaria you must visit once in your lifeTop 5 beaches in Bulgaria:

Let’s have a look at the 5 most beautiful beaches of Bulgaria that you should not miss. Visiting these beaches will make your holidays more beautiful and enjoyable.

Marina Dinevi

In St Vlas village, Marina Dinevi is a yacht harbor and a resort complex. It’s a hotspot for the wealthy and famous, with a plethora of high-end hotels, spas, and restaurants. The clean waters of the sandy beach have earned it a Blue Flag.

You can spend a beautiful day on this beach watching the perfect sunset. If you are looking for relaxation and comfort out of your daily routine this is the perfect spot that you should visit.

Smokinya Beach

This beach, which is close to Sozopol, is a popular summer destination for campers. Bring your tent to the beach or get cheap car rental services from car rental companies in Bulgaria. There are a few beach bars and the water is calm and shallow. Smokinya is a favorite among teenagers and families. It is a perfect spot for families and children because it is safe and secure.

Veleka Beach, Sinemorets

Sinemorets is a small village on the coast’s far south end. It was a summer base for families who came here every holiday until recently. However, in recent years, it has become a famous hangout for Sofia’s young creatives.

So, at its main beach, Butamyata, you can expect a relaxed and refreshing environment. Another beach, where the Veleka River flows into the sea, is a short walk away. This beach has no facilities and is nudist-friendly in sections.

Golden Sands Beach

It is another beautiful beach in Bulgaria, this time near a nature preserve. Nonetheless, since it is so common with young people, mostly the youngest prefers it for partying and gatherings.

Since it is a little farther north than the other beaches, the water temperature is normally a little cooler. It is a peaceful beach that can feel like a private spot for people who want to hold an event in open. If you ever visit Bulgaria this is the kind of beach that you should not miss because of its beautiful and peaceful environment. To reach the beach you can rent a car after you compare car rental services.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the Bulgarian Black Sea coast’s summer party destination because it has a lot of facilities and water sport. It is well-known amongst European tourists for the variety of nightclubs available which can add life to your night.

There are a lot of performances from people who play instruments that sound very spiritual within the natural environment of the beach.


Some of the best beaches that you should visit while your stay in Bulgaria are described above. They are the kind of beaches that you shouldn’t miss because of their exceptional beauty and natural view.┬áTo visit different locations you will need car rental services. Make sure to conduct proper car rental comparison before you get rental cars.