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Search for and compare prices on car rental in the whole of Guinea. Good rental prices on family, luxury and economy cars. When you rent a car with no surprises awaits when you pick up the car on your arrival. The prices include any airport fees, free mileage and obligatory insurances, taxes and fees. Our aim is to help you find cheap rental cars in Guinea online. Do you prefer some companies before others? You can choose that when you do your search.

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Tips and advice when looking for a rental car in Guinea

Here we have put together some tips on what to consider when looking for a rental car in Guinea and regions/states such as .

Refuel the car before returning it

Different companies have different fuel conditions. If the car is to be refueled before return, do so to avoid extra fees from the rental car company. Some smaller companies have an administrative fee for refueling the car if it is to be left empty, which is stated in the conditions but not always in the total price. Look extra carefully at the refueling regulations! If the company has 'Pick up full, drop off empty' then there may be an administrative fee for refueling. Any fee is stated during the booking. It is often the cheaper companies that have 'Pick up full, drop off empty'.

Compare prices from several companies and book the rental car on the Internet

Rent a car cheap in GuineaSearching and booking car rental on the Internet becomes cheaper and it is easier and takes less time. Compare many companies and sites to find the best price. compares several companies at the same time in a single search via Cartrawler. We do not own any cars but only compare prices from different companies such as e.g. Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Thrifty, etc.

Do a quick inspection upon pickup

Inspect and examine the rental car when you pick it up. Check that all damages, scratches and dents are included in the condition report. Check how big the deductible is! What often differentiates between smaller, cheaper companies in Guinea and larger global companies is the amount of the deductible. Also read the conditions carefully when it comes to how the car is to be returned. Smaller local companies may have an administrative fee if the car is to be returned with an empty tank. Any fee is stated in our terms and conditions when you apply.

Book as early as possible

Book as early as possible, it will usually be more expensive if you wait. In large cities such as , prices often rise the later you book. It can also be difficult to find cars at major airports such as , if you wait too long.

Review the contract & terms carefully

Review and read the rental conditions before booking the rental car. offers rental cars from several different rental car companies and the conditions differ between the different companies. Smaller companies may have administrative fees to be paid on site that relate to refueling after return. Any fees are stated during the booking. Review and read the contract when you pick up your rental car. offers cheap rental cars from several different rental car companies in Guinea and the contract differs between the different companies. If there is something you do not understand in the contract, ask someone from the company on site or contact us directly.

Are there several of you who will drive the car? Where are you going?

Extra driver? If more than one person is driving the car, this must be stated at the time of booking or at the company upon arrival. Remember that there may be restrictions on driving the car to other countries and taking the car from or to islands such as .

Is free mileage / free miles included?

Check that free mileage is included in the rent. If free mileage is not included, check that the number of kilometers in the contract is sufficient. All major companies have unlimited mileage, but less expensive companies may have a maximum mileage per day.

Frequently asked questions about car rental & renting a car in Guinea

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Guinea?

Most car hire companies have a minimum age limit of 21 years for rentals. However, requirements may vary depending on the car rental company and destination country. Please note that there may be additional charges if the main driver is under 25 or over 75 years old to cover the extra insurance cost. Any additional fee will be mentioned at the time of booking under summary of charges before you confirm the reservation at

Which costs are included in the rental price in Guinea?

In the majority of cases the rental price includes collision damage waiver, unlimited mileage, airport fee, tax, breakdown assistance and third party liability protection. Please note that the costs included may vary depending on the car rental company and destination. The car hire company may also choose to ask you for a deposit or excess at the rental desk in Guinea. Make sure to check the rental conditions at the time of booking at

What are the most popular car rental locations in Guinea?

Based on searches on, the most popular cities to rent a car in Guinea are . The most popular airports are .

Do I need an international driver’s licence in Guinea?

If your licence is not printed in the Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese) you will need to bring an international driving licence and your domestic licence in Guinea. If you are renting abroad (outside your country of residence, or outside where your license was issued), an international drivers licence is usually required regardless of the alphabet. International driver’s licences must be accompanied by the original domestic licence of the driver.

Are there extra charges for drop-off at a different location in Guinea?

Yes, in most cases the car rental agents like Avis, Europcar, Thrifty and Hertz will charge an extra fee if you wish to return the vehicle at a different location in Guinea. We will clearly state whether the one-way fee is included in the rental price or what additional cost may arise at the time of booking at

How much do you charge for excess in Guinea?

The excess amount depends on the car hire company and the rented vehicle and it will be refunded within 10-28 days after the rental if there has been no damage. Cartrawler offer damage refund insurance in association with insurance partners, which will allow you to claim for reimbursement in the event that you have been charged for collision damage or theft. This damage refund insurance can be purchased at the time of booking.

Can I book without a credit card in Guinea?

Yes. You can make a booking without a credit card with in Guinea. Note that, even if you choose to pay by debit card, you will have to provide a valid credit card in the driver’s name at the time of pick-up since the rental agent requires a credit card from which to take the rental deposit. Credit cards accepted for pick-up are MasterCard, Visa, and in some cases American Express.

What is the best rental car company in Guinea?

Based on ratings and reviews on, the best car rental companies in Guinea are Avis, Europcar, Thrifty and Hertz. You can find these car hire companies in cities like .

What is the cheapest car rental company in Guinea?

In the past 14 days, the cheapest rental cars were found on at Thrifty, Hertz, Avis and Europcar in cities like , etc and at airports like , etc.

Are there any cross-border charges if you want to leave Guinea?

The car rental agents like Avis, Europcar, Thrifty and Hertz may choose to charge you for cross-border travel. Any fees will need to be paid at the rental desk in Guinea in local currency. We will state whether cross-border travel is allowed and in which countries at the time of booking under rental conditions at

How can I find car rentals near me in Guinea?

Do a search for the city, island or airport closest to you in Guinea. A search for country or e.g. island in Guinea lists the largest airports like . Then take a look at our map of cheap car hire companies to find the best rental cars near you.

Compare Rental Cars in Guinea - Search, Compare & Save

Here you can compare rental cars and hiring of vehicles from several companies in cities in Guinea. Look for and find the best prices on car rental. Search for and book directly in cities such as, Camayenne, Conakry, Nzérékoré, Kindia, Kankan, Gueckedou, Coyah, Labé, Kissidougou, Fria, Siguiri. We list prices from companies that are safe and quality assured so that there will not be any problems when you want to pick up your car.

Easy, effortless and safe car rental where every cost is included, no hidden fees and free cancellations and amendments up to 24-48 hours before you are supposed to pick up the car. We have an easy and safe booking of rental cars online. At you can search for cars at and in the most popular cities, train stations, ferry terminals and airports in Guinea.

Guinea facts

Guinea (Republic of Guinea) is a country with approximately 10,324,000 inhabitants and is located in Africa. The capital is Conakry which has 1,767,200 inhabitants. Total surface/area 245,857 km² / 94,926 mi². It is the 28th largest country on Africa when it comes to inhabitants and the 32th largest regarding the surface. Other names for this country is French Guinea, Revolutionary People’s Republic of Guinea, Guinée Française, Guinée-Conakry, République de Guinée, Guinée, Popular and Revolutionary Republic of Guinea, Guinean People’s Republic, People’s Revolutionary Republic of Guinea, Französisch-Guinea, Republic of Guinea. It consists of eight regions/states/counties and the largest are Kankan Region, Conakry Region, Nzerekore Region, Kindia, Boke Region, Labé Region, Faranah and Mamou Region. Guinea is the 82th largest country in the world when it comes to inhabitants and the 79th largest regarding its surface area. Has neighboring countries such as Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Mali. Is it included in the price to cross national borders? Usually not, the car rental company may charge a fee to cross national borders to Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Mali. All additional costs are paid directly at the rental desk in the local currency, Franc (GNF). It is stated in the rental terms and during the booking whether it is allowed to cross national borders and to which countries. Common languages are e.g. French. Camayenne (c. 1871200 pop), Conakry (c. 1767200 pop), Nzérékoré (c. 132700 pop), Kindia (c. 117100 pop), Kankan (c. 114000 pop) are the five largest communities. .gn is the most common domain ending for websites in this country. +224 is the country code when you want to make a phone call to the country. See the weather reports and find maps of Guinea. We give tips and recommendations on attractions, museums, experiences, and destinations which you can visit during your stay in the country. The official currency is Franc (GNF) and is used to pay your purchases with. Mount Kakulima (1011 m / 3,317 ft), Kambo (836 m / 2,743 ft), Belakaniaré (751 m / 2,464 ft), Bonkoui (719 m / 2,359 ft) and Kankharé (682 m / 2,238 ft) are the top five highest mountains of the country.

Guinea tourist attractions & activities

Cheap car rental with unlimited mileage in Guinea

There are many different models and sizes of cars to choose from. Fleet list in Guinea: Premium cars (Premium), Fullsize elite, Convertible, Large truck-lorry (Large truck), Estate, Economy elite, 9 seater minivan / Minibus (9 seat minivan), Fullsize cars (Fullsize), Exotic cars (Exotic), Luxury cars (Luxury), Moped, Mini cars (Mini), Small SUV, Compact cars (Compact), Small-medium truck-lorry (Small-medium truck), Hybrid cars, Compact elite, Standard cars (Standard), SUV / Jeep (SUV), Economy cars (Economy), 5 seater minivan (5 seat minivan), Intermediate elite, Electric cars, Medium SUV, Cargo van, Minivan, Intermediate, 7 seater minivan (7 seat minivan), Mini elite, Special cars (Special), Luxury elite. Big cities and popular destinations have more car types to choose from. If you want to rent a luxury car then search at the major airports and the most popular destinations in the major regions such as Kankan Region, Conakry Region, Nzerekore Region, Kindia, Boke Region, Labé Region, Faranah and Mamou Region etc. It can also be harder to find and book special cars during peak season, if you do not search well in advance, before you need your rental car.

Cars you can rent in Guinea are e.g. Compact cars: e.g. Toyota Corolla, Nissan Tiida, Exotic cars, 5 seater minivan, etc. Standard cars: e.g. Citroen C5, Small-medium truck-lorry, Minivan, Intermediate elite, 7 seater minivan, Hybrid cars, Special cars, Small SUV, 9 seater minivan / Minibus, Estate, etc. Cargo van: e.g. Toyota Hilux Double Cab, Mini elite, Large truck-lorry, etc. SUV / Jeep: e.g. Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Land Cruiser, Hyundai iX35, Daihatsu Terios, Luxury elite, Electric cars, etc. Economy cars: e.g. Hyundai i20, Moped, Economy elite, Medium SUV, Fullsize cars, etc. Intermediate: e.g. Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4WD, Luxury cars, Fullsize elite, Mini cars, Premium cars, Compact elite, Convertible, etc. However, in smaller cities and on islands like Île Yomboya, Tongosiria, Tombo Island, Île Tinsou, Île Tana, Tamara Island, Île de Taïdi, Sourinéné, Île Souride, Île Singuéya, Crawford’s Island, Île Quito, Niémé Souri, Île Matakong, Île Marara, Île Longue, Île Koufen, Île Korikori, Île Kopéring, Île Khonibombé, Katenk, Kassiguéli, Factory Island, Île Kapken, Île Kanonké, Île Kaliki, Île Kakounsou, Île de Kakossa, Île Kabak, Île Gonzalez, Île Galibert, Île Fousset, Foré Souri, Île Dodo, Île du Diable, Coral Island, Kid Island, Îlot de la Bouteille, White’s Island, Île Binari, Bakissouri, Île Aube and Île de Yelitono etc, the range is smaller.

Parking regulations and traffic regulations

Renting and driving a car is usually easy and effortless, but as in all countries there are many traffic regulations in Guinea you must follow. If you are going to visit and drive in large cities such as Camayenne, Conakry, Nzérékoré, Kindia, Kankan, Gueckedou, Coyah, Labé, Kissidougou, Fria, Siguiri, prepare yourself for a lot of traffic, especially in rush hour and that it is sometimes difficult to find parking. Try to memorize the most common parking and traffic regulations before you leave to ensure that your car trip is safe, and to avoid trouble with the police.

Tips on finding rental cars in Guinea

If you already have decided to rent a car in Guinea before you leave and want to part as little as possible, you ought to book a car before you leave. First of all, you should try booking your car online. It is often the cheapest, easiest way to look for and compare, and it saves you time. If your car is supposed to be collected at an airport such as Conakry International Airport, Nzérékoré Airport, Kankan, Tata Airport, Kissidougou, Fria Airport, Siguiri Airport, Macenta Airport and Boke, you should book before you leave. One search shows many options. When you are looking for a rental car in Guinea, compares, for example, these companies: Thrifty, Hertz, Avis, Europcar.

Destinations in Guinea

Compare car rental and find cheap hire cars in regions such as: -. Easy and safe online booking of rental cars in Guinea. Find the best hire cars and the cheapest car rental in towns such as: -. Rent a car during your stay in Guinea and explore the surrounding areas. Compare car hire and van rental in airports such as: -.

Car rental companies we compare in Guinea

Europcar, Avis, Hertz and Thrifty are the companies that compares in Guinea.

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