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Search for and compare prices on rental cars on in the region of Pays de la Loire. When you rent a car through us no surprises awaits when you pick up your rental car. All prices include free mileage, and obligatory insurances, taxes and fees. We help you find affordable rental cars directly in the whole of Pays de la Loire.

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Renting a car with, where everything is included, no hidden fees. Easy and safe online booking of car rental. Rent a car at Pays de la Loire’s train stations, travel centers and airports such as Nantes Atlantique Château Bougon Airport, Angers Loire Marcé Airport, Saint-Nazaire Montoir Airport, La Roche-sur-Yon Les Ajoncs René Couzinet Airport, Cholet Le Pontreau Airport, Laval Entrammes Airport and La Baule Escoublac Airport. Choose between different locations of where to pick up your car. You can rent through us where the companies have their offices.

Compare rental cars and hiring a car from several companies in the area Pays de la Loire in the country of France. Easy car rental where every cost is included, no hidden fees and free cancellations and amendments up to 24-48 hours before you are supposed to pick up the car. We have amazing prices and compare large companies as well as small ones in all price ranges. Dollar, Sixt, National, Hertz, Flizzr, Advantage, Rhodium, Keddy By Europcar, Nomadcar, Autoclick, Goldcar, Firefly, Citer, Rentacar, Enterprise, Thrifty, Hertz Dream Collection, Avis, ADA, Alamo, TravelCar, King Rent, Europcar, Payless, Budget, InterRent are some of the companies that we compare in the region.

Pays de la Loire is a area/region located in the country of France and has approximately 3,482,600 inhabitants. Pays de la Loire is the 8th largest region when it comes to its inhabitants in France. The region is an administrative area in France such as province, state, region or county. Swimming and sun bathing on the beach in Pays de la Loire? You can do that on Plage de ker Daniau, Plage de la Baule, Plage de la Boutinardière, Ile au Than Beach, Plage de la Birochère, Plage du Veillon, Plage de la Courance, Plage de la Source, Plage du Rocher, Plage Sainte-Marguerite, Plage Luzeron and Plage de Sauveterre. Take a trip with your car and make a visit! Abbey of Villeneuve, Abbey of Bonlieu (Sarthe), Abbey of Perseigne, Abbey of Pontron, Abbey of Moreilles, Abbey of Tironneau, Abbey of Boissière, Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bois-Grolland, Chapel of Perray aux Nonnains, Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontaine-Daniel, Abbaye Notre-Dame de Champagne, Abbey of lEpau, Abbey of Louroux and Prieuré de Frény, if you are interested in the areas exciting history and archaeology. See historical sites and archeological sites. The largest municipalities/counties/provinces are Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Vendée, Sarthe and Mayenne from a total of five.

The largest communities/cities in the area/region are Nantes (c. 277,300 pop), Angers (c. 168,300 pop), Le Mans (c. 144,500 pop), Saint-Nazaire (c. 67,100 pop), La Roche-sur-Yon (c. 59,400 pop), Cholet (c. 53,200 pop), Laval (c. 50,500 pop), Saint-Herblain (c. 46,900 pop) and Rezé (c. 39,200 pop). Other names for this area/region is Région Pays de la Loire, Pays de la Loire Region. Do you want to do something fun with the whole family? Galipy, Center Aquatique, Lile aux Jeux, Piscine Odelis, Parc des Naudières, Parcofolie, Oceanile, Le Refuge de Grasla, Armonia, La Vallée des Korrigans Tepacap, Water park OcéanIle, NaturalParc and Le Labyrinthe are water parks, amusement parks, or theme parks. Visiting an animal park with the family? Ferme de lOrme, Sealand, La prairie des animaux, Zoo la Boissière du doré, Lîle aux papillons, Planète Sauvage, Legendia Parc, La Halte du Volcan and Moutons de Belle Île are aquariums, zoos, animal parks, tropicarium, tropical house and terrarium.

If you want to know more about Pays de la Loire you can read more under each city. The search looks for all types of combinations, so seek for city, airport or something similar. Wine tour and tasting in Pays de la Loire? Domaine de Gaubourg, La Seigneurerie, Center Viti Vinicole, Domaine de la Barbiniere, Château Noaillac, Cave Saint Roch, Chez Ety, Damien LAUREAU, Vignoble Roux, Domaine du Pavillon, Domaine du Hureau, Vigneron Béatrice et Pascal Lambert, Château Roquegrave, Domaine Le Pontreau, Domaine dAvrillé, Domäne Vincendeau, Couly Dutheil, Bras de fer, Domaine de la Roche Honneur, Bouvet Ladubay, Château des Rochettes, Langlois Chateau, Domaine de la Cognardière, Le domaine de la bergerie, Domaine des Cognettes and Clos des Quarterons Domaine Amirault are vineyards and wine producers that are close by. Keen on seeing ancient relics, older buildings, antiquities and cultural heritage? These places are near, Menhirs des Dames de pierre, Menhir de la Pierre Blanche, Menhir de Haute Lande, Menhir des Faux, La Pierre Tremblante, Dolmen of Salle aux Fées, Mur, Site Gallo Romain Saint Lupien, Menhir and Archeological Park. See local history and ancient monuments? The highest mountains in the area/region are Mont du Saule (325 m / 1,066 ft). Golf trip and need to rent a car? Golf Nantes, Golf Club Le Croisic, Golf Nantes Erdre, Golf de la Baule, Golf Sargé-lès-Le Mans, Golf Cholet, Golf Saint-Jean-de-Monts, Golf d’Angers Saint-Jean-des-Mauvrets, Golf de laval, Golf de la Bretesche, Golf Port Bourgenay, Golf des 24 Heures Le Mans, Golf Savenay, Golf Pornic, Golf Carquefou, Golf de l’Île d’Or, Golf des Olonnes, Golf Angers Capucins, Golf du Saumurois, Golf d’Alençon-en-Arçonnay, Golf des Fontenelles, Golf de la Domangère, Golf Avrillé, Golf Sablé Solesmes and Anjou Golf & Country Club are some golf courses that are close to the region.

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Rent a car in cities in the region: Compare Car Rental Nantes, Hire a Car Angers, Van Rental Le Mans, Saint-Nazaire, La Roche-sur-Yon, Cholet, Laval, Saint-Herblain, Rezé and Saumur. Rent a car in airports in the region: Cheap Hire Cars Nantes Atlantique Airport, Compare Hire Cars Angers-Loire Airport, Cheap rental cars Saint-Nazaire Montoir Airport, La Roche-sur-Yon Les Ajoncs Airport, Cholet-Le Pontreau Airport, Laval-Entrammes Airport, La Baule-Escoublac Airport, Les Sables-d'Olonne-Talmont Airport and Le Mans-Arnage Airport. Compare long-term rental for one day, one year, a whole month, week, weekend, or for as many days as you wish in Pays de la Loire. Compare car hire and cheap van rental in airports nearby: Car Rental Nantes Atlantique Airport, Rental Cars Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport, Rental Cars Angers-Loire Airport, Tours Val de Loire Airport, Saint-Nazaire Montoir Airport, La Roche-sur-Yon Les Ajoncs Airport, Cholet-Le Pontreau Airport, Laval-Entrammes Airport, Alençon Valframbert Airport and La Baule-Escoublac Airport.

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Payless, ADA, Advantage, National, Keddy By Europcar, Firefly, Enterprise, Hertz, Goldcar, Rhodium, Budget, Nomadcar, TravelCar, Alamo, Sixt, Europcar, Citer, Dollar, Hertz Dream Collection, Avis, InterRent, Rentacar, Key and Go, Flizzr, King Rent, Autoclick and Thrifty are some of the the companies we compares in the region to find the best price.

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