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Compare prices on rental cars on the island Borneo (Kalimantan, Kalimanten), Indonesia with online booking. Through our search engine you can easily book a rental car. A car rented from us is free from surprises when you pick up the car. All our prices include airport fees, free mileage and necessary insurances, local taxes and fees. Let us at help you find a good rental car.

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At you can compare prices on rental cars and car rental from several companies on the island Borneo, Indonesia. Find the best prices for rental cars online. Closest towns are Uma Wak, Ulakpauh, Tuwoi and Tumbangtuan. It always pays off to compare before you book, especially on rental cars. The price can differ very much between different companies. compares, for example, these companies on the island: Avis, TRAC Astra, Europcar, Hawk, Eazy Rent. With a rental car, you can take a tour of the island without having to worrying about the time. We can offer car rental where every cost is included, no hidden fees and free cancellations or amendments up to 24-48 hours before you are supposed to pick up the car. Easy, effortless and safe online search for rental cars. Rent a car at Borneo’s train stations, ports/ferry terminals like -, airports and travel centers etc. Closest airports are Datah Dawai Airport, Putussibau Pangsuma Airport and Long Apung Airport. All large companies have offices in the large cities and airports, in some communities you can also find prices from smaller companies. Compare the number of days you want, week, weekend, rent for a day, a year, a whole month or a long-term.

Facts about Borneo. An island in the – region in Indonesia. The number of inhabitants is 19,000,000. Other names for this island can be Kalimantan, Kalimanten. Small and large islands nearby are Pulau Keret and Borneo, etc. If you plan to take the car on a ferry to other islands (Island Crossings) then check out the conditions during booking. There are limitations. Small villages, towns and suburbs that are close by are Uma Wak, Ulakpauh, Tuwoi and Tumbangtuan. Nahabuan, Penaneh, Kampung Nemerungei and Temeriting are cities and communities close by or on the island. Use the search box to find the pick-up place you want on the island. Are you looking for more things to do on Borneo? You will find more info under each city on the island. Suggestions on attractions, experiences, places and destinations that are worth a visit during your trip to Borneo. Gunung Kerihun, Gunung Cemaru, Bukit Unjukbalui, Bukit Uluselua, Bukit Ukeng, Bukit Tutatjaru, Bukit Tungun and Bukit Tunggal are among the highest mountains near or on the island.

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Compare car hire and cheap van rental in airports nearby: -. Search for car rental and cheap car hire in nearby cities: -. Compare car hire for a day, long term, one year, a whole month, week, weekend or for as many days as you wish in Borneo. Rent a car on islands nearby: -.

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When you are looking for a rental car on Borneo, compares, for example, these companies: Europcar, Eazy Rent, Avis, TRAC Astra and Hawk.

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