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Here you can compare prices on rental cars on the island Java (Pulau Djawa, Pulau Jawa), Indonesia. Try our search engine and book a rental car. When you rent a car from us no surprises awaits when you pick up the car on your arrival. All our prices include free mileage, airport fees, road assistance and obligatory insurances, taxes and fees. helps you find a cheap rental car.

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Rent a Car Cheap on Java Island, Indonesia - Compare Car Rental Prices compares rental car prices and car rental from several companies on the island Java in Indonesia, and finds the best prices on rental cars. Closest cities are Wonosobo, Kutoarjo, Mertoyudan, Muntilan, Godean and Sleman. Compare and find good prices from several companies in the country. Choose and compare large companies as well as small ones. Safe encrypted payment.

Compare long-term rental for one day, one year, a whole month, week, the number of days you wish or a weekend. compares, for example, these companies on the island: Avis, TRAC Astra, Hawk, Eazy Rent, Europcar. If you rent a car you can plan a tour of the island by yourself. Rental cars at Java’s ferry terminals and ports (Cilacap Bandar, Harbor Kalipucang, Harbor Karimunjawa, Harbor Kartini, Penyeberangan Jateng Jabar, Terminal Penumpang Harbor Tanjung Mas), travel centres, train stations and airports (Tasikmalaya-Cibeureum Wiriadinata Airport, Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport, Semarang Achmad Yani International Airport, Surakarta Lanud Adisumarmo Airport, Wirasaba General Sudirman Airport and Cilacap Tunggul Wulung Airport). Choose between different locations where to pick up your car. You can rent through us where the companies have their offices. Car rental where every cost is included, no hidden fees and free cancellations/amendments up to 24-48 hours before you are supposed to pick up the car. Easy and safe online booking of rental cars.

Java is an island in the – region, Indonesia and has about 139,448,700 inhabitants. Cities and communities that are close by or on the island are Semarang (c. 1,288,100 pop), Yogyakarta (c. 636,700 pop), Surakarta (c. 555,300 pop), Tasikmalaya (c. 271,100 pop), Pekalongan (c. 257,900 pop), Cirebon (c. 254,300 pop), Tegal (c. 237,100 pop), Purwokerto (c. 217,200 pop) and Madiun (c. 186,100 pop) etc. Use the search box to find the pick-up place you want on the island. Are you looking for more things to do on Java? You will find more info under each city on the island. Alternative names for this island can be Pulau Djawa, Pulau Jawa. Small and large islands nearby are Nusa Were, Pulau Watulawang, Pulau Tirangcawang, Pulau Tamengan, Pulau Sosari, Pulau Nusalimo, Pulau Sintok, Pulau Siklopo, Pulau Sigunung, Nusa Sibelis, Pulau Seruni, Pulau Sekel, Pulau Sarah and Pulau Sambangan, etc. Few car rental companies allow you to take the car on a ferry to other islands. Read more about Island Crossings in the rental terms when booking. Wonosobo, Kutoarjo, Mertoyudan, Muntilan, Godean and Sleman are smaller suburbs, villages and towns that are close.

Tourist attractions, Golf Courses, Beaches and Nature on Java

Some suggestions and tips on places, attractions, experiences and destinations that are worth a visit during your vacation on Java. Gunung Slamet, Merapi Volcano and Gunung Kawahsikidang are volcanoes located close by. Swimming and sun bathing on the beach? You can do that on Pantai Glagah Indah, Pantai Karangbolong, Depok, Pantai Bocor, Pantai Congot, Pantai Popong, Samas, Pantai Petanahan, Pantai Ambal, Pantai Cliringsilongob and Pantai Gilianyar. Take the car for a visit! You can visit interesting and magic caves such as Guwo Kiskendo, Gua Lawa, Gua Parat, Gua Lanang, Goa Petruk, Goa Kalak, Guwo Upas, Goa Jatijajar and Gua Ketapang. Some high mountains on the island are Gunung Lawu, Gunung Sumbing, Gunung Sindoro, Gunung Pregadalem, Gunung Merbabu, Gunung Cereme, Gunung Selopundutan and Gunung Malang. Some high mountain peaks on the island are Gunung Syawal, Gumuk Tonolayu, Gunung Dulang, Gunung Turgo, Gunung Pucung, Argapura and Gunung Apuy. Lapangan Golf Manyaran are some golf courses that are close to or on the island. Air Panas Guci, AIR TERJUN CURUG DENGDENG, Alun alun Talaga, Atlantic Dreamland, Baturraden Water Park, DWalik, de Mata Trick Eye Museum, Grand Puri Waterpark, Green Valley Water Park, Jogja Bay (Jogja Bay Waterpark) and Jungletoon Waterpark are water parks, amusement parks, or theme parks. Looking for activities and experiences with the kids? Asri, Batu Pandang (Ratapan Angin), Batu Papal Viewpoint, Borobudur Nirwana Sunrise, Brown Canyon Semarang, Bukit Pronojiwo, Cilengop and Green Canyon are viewpoints around the island.

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Compare car hire and cheap van rental in airports nearby: Rent a Car Cheap Semarang-Achmad Yani Airport, Cheap car rental Adisucipto Airport, Car Hire Wirasaba Airport, Surakarta-Adisumarmo Airport and Tunggul Wulung Airport. Car hire where every cost is included, no hidden fees and free cancellations/amendments up to 24-48 hours before you are supposed to pick up the car in Java. Search for car rental and cheap car hire in nearby cities: Car Hire Semarang, Cheapest Car Rental Yogyakarta, Cheap Car Hire Surakarta, Pekalongan and Purwokerto. Rent a car on islands nearby: -.

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Avis, Hawk, Europcar, TRAC Astra and Eazy Rent are the companies we compare on Java.

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