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Search for and can compare prices on rental cars on the island Sumatra (Pulau Sumatera, Andalas, Andalus, Sumatera), Indonesia. When you rent a car with no surprises awaits when you pick up the car on your arrival. The prices include any airport fees, free mileage and obligatory insurances, taxes and fees. Our aim is to help you find cheap rental cars.

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Compare and find good prices from several companies in the country. Choose and compare large companies as well as small ones. Safe encrypted payment. compares rental car prices and car rental from several companies on the island Sumatra in Indonesia, and finds the best prices on rental cars. Closest cities are Kuala Tungkal, Pekanbaru, Sijunjung, Dumai, Balaipungut and Bukittinggi. compares, for example, these companies on the island: Eazy Rent, Avis, Europcar, Hawk, TRAC Astra. Car rental where every cost is included, no hidden fees and free cancellations/amendments up to 24-48 hours before you are supposed to pick up the car. Easy and safe online booking of rental cars. Rental cars at Sumatra’s ferry terminals and ports (Bay for Hailing Canoes, Domestic, Dumai Ferry Terminal, Ferry, Indomal Express Ticket Office, Harbor Parit Rempak, Harbor Tanjung Balai, Terminal Roro Pakning, Dumai), travel centres, train stations and airports (Pekanbaru Simpang Tiga Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport, Rengat Japura Airport, Dumai Pinang Kampai Airport, Sungai Pakning Sei Selari Bengkalis Airport, Sei Bati Tanjung Balai Raja Haji Abdullah Airport and Muara Bongo Airport). Choose between different locations where to pick up your car. You can rent through us where the companies have their offices. If you rent a car you can plan a tour of the island by yourself. Compare car rental for a day, long term, one year, a whole month, week, weekend or for the number of days you wish.

Sumatra is an island in the – region, Indonesia and has about 50,365,500 inhabitants. Other names for this island are Pulau Sumatera, Andalas, Andalus, Sumatera. Use the search box to find suitable pick up places on the island for your car. If you are looking for more things to do and experience on Sumatra there is more information and details under each city. Minor towns, villages and suburbs located nearby are Kuala Tungkal, Pekanbaru, Sijunjung, Dumai, Balaipungut and Bukittinggi. Nearby cities/communities are e.g. Pekanbaru (c. 704,000 pop), Dumai (c. 143,800 pop), Payakumbuh (c. 121,600 pop), Bukittinggi (c. 98,700 pop), Balaipungut (c. 56,500 pop), Solok (c. 48,400 pop), Kuala Tungkal (c. 33,700 pop) and Sijunjung (c. 27,800 pop) etc. Pulau Pisang, Pulau Ujung, Pulau Bando, Pulau Tangah, Pulau Karsik, Pulau Tapi, Pulau Ungar, Pulau Topang, Pulau Tulang, Pulau Tugau, Pulau Luing Bendera and Pulau Telukbakau etc. are islands that are close by. If you plan to take the car on a ferry to other islands (Island Crossings) then check out the conditions during booking. There are limitations.

Tourist attractions, Beaches, Nature and Golf Courses on Sumatra

Staying long on Sumatra? Some suggestions and tips on activities, attractions, experiences, destinations and places that are worth a visit during your trip. Some high mountains on the island are Gunung Kerinci, Mount Marapi, Gunung Singgalang, Gunung Tujuh, Mount Talang, Gunung Rasam, Gunung Boleng and Gunung Tandikat. A day for relaxing and sun basking on the beach at Danau buatan, Pantai Dorak and Pelawan beach. They are all in the area. Perum Surian Indah, PERUMAHAN AURKUNING, Perumahan Surilawati, Riau Fantasy, Stanum, Sungai Hijau, Sungai Janiah, Water Boom, Water Park and WaterPark Stafan are water parks, amusement parks, or theme parks. Do you travel with your children? Do you want to visit a water park and go water slide? BTS INDOLINE, Budi Irawan, Danau Gunung Tujuh, Kelok 9, MTQ Pekanbaru, Palace Replica, Panorama Danau Kembar and Panorama Sungai Landai are viewpoints around the island. Driving Range, Duri Golf Course, Happy Driving Range, Labersa Golf & Country Club, Labersa Golf Course, Lapangan Golf, Lapangan Golf Semen Padang, Lapangan Golf Ulu Gadut, Pekanbaru Golf and Country Club, Rumbai Golf & Country Club and Simpang Tiga Golf Course are golf courses located close to or on the island. If you would like to play some golf.

Destinations on Sumatra

Compare car hire and cheap van rental in airports nearby: Cheapest Rental Cars Simpang Tiga Airport. Compare rental cars and renting of a vehicle from several companies in Sumatra. Search for car rental and cheap car hire in nearby cities: Cheap rental cars Pekanbaru. Search hundreds of rental car sites at once for car rental deals in Sumatra. Rent a car on islands nearby: Hire a Car Cheap Pulau Bengkalis and Hire a Car Pulau Pandang.

Car hire companies we compare on Sumatra, Indonesia compares, for example, these companies on Sumatra: TRAC Astra, Europcar, Hawk, Eazy Rent and Avis.

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