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Castille and León is a area/region located in the country of Spain and has approximately 2,563,500 inhabitants. Castille and León is the 6th largest region when it comes to its inhabitants in Spain. The region is an administrative area in Spain such as province, state, region or county. Do you travel with your children? Río Loco, Acuópolis, Ciudad Mudéjar, El Bosque Encantado, Valle de los 6 Sentidos, de Pino a Pino, Aventura Amazonia, Micropolix, Ocius Park and Zona de baño are water parks, amusement parks, or theme parks. Are you going on a golf trip and looking for golf courses? The golf courses, Club de Golf Navaluenga, Golf Saldaña De Burgos, Club de Golf Lerma, Campo de Golf Municipal Reino de León, Sotoverde, Grijota Golf, Club de Golf El Fresnillo, Club de Golf El Bierzo, Campo de Golf Villarrin, Campo de Golf de Candeleda, Club de Golf La Dehesa de Moron, Campo de Golf Riocerezo, Club de Golf Las Llanás, Golf Villoldo, Campo Municipal Golf Isla Dos Aguas, León Club de Golf El Cueto, Aldeamayor Club de Golf and Club de Golf Entrepinos, are located close to the region. Alternative names can be Castella i Lleó, Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla y León, Gaztela eta Leon, Castilla y León, Castile and León, Castela e León.

The area/region is divided into nine municipalities/provinces/counties where the largest are Valladolid, Leon, Burgos, Salamanca, Zamora, Palencia, Avila, Segovia and Soria. Playa Negrete, Playa fluvial Fuente del Prior and Playa de Arija are beaches that are close to the region/area if you want to relax, swim and sunbathe. If you want to know more about Castille and León you can read more on the home page. The search looks for all combinations, so seek for airport, city or something like that. Some of the highest mountains in the area are Pico de Almanzor (2591 m / 8,501 ft), Peña Santa de Castilla (2596 m / 8,517 ft), Curavacas (2447 m / 8,028 ft), Canchal de la Ceja (2428 m / 7,966 ft), Peñalara (2428 m / 7,966 ft), Espigüete (2369 m / 7,772 ft), Torreón del Calvitero (2400 m / 7,874 ft), La Mira (2343 m / 7,687 ft), Sierra del Moncayo (2314 m / 7,592 ft) and La Serrota (2283 m / 7,490 ft).

Reserva el Rincón, Parque Zoológico de Madrid, Búfalo rojo;Cerdo salvaje, Reserva de ciervos, Yack, Panda rojo, Bisonte americano, Reserva de Ciervos, Rinoceronte indio, Niigo;Antílope cebra, Centro de Naturaleza Cañada Real and Elephants are tropicarium, tropical house, animal parks, aquarium, zoos and terrarium in Castille and León. Visiting an animal park with the family? See interesting history and archaeology. Are you interested in history and archaeology? Nearby are the following points of interest, Cierre del Jardín de la casa de Miguel Hervella, Gate of Santa Colomba, Casa de los Gutiérrez Barona, Walls of Ávila, Ayuntamiento Viejo, Puerta y Palace of Doña Urraca, Palace of los Condes de Castro, Fuente Romana, Fountain of Santa María, Cuatro Postes, Walls of Ávila and Casa del Cordón. Are you planning a wine tour and tasting in Spain? Wineries and wine producers located in Castille and León are, for example, Bodegas Félix Lorenzo Cachazo, Condado de Haza, Bodegas Gómez Pinacho, Bodegas Sierra, Rodero, Torrederos, Vinos malaparte, Fuentespina, Dominio de Manciles, Hacienda El Ternero, Anta Banderas, Valdubón, Ramón Bilbao, Viñedos Juan Manuel Burgos, Lopez Cristobal, Kirios de Adrada, Torres de Anguix and Izquierdo. Keen on seeing ancient relics, older buildings, antiquities and cultural heritage? These places are near, Martial Church of Marialba, Clunia, La Revilla del Campo, early neolithic site, Las Pozas, Archeological site of Numancia, Archeological Park of Atapuerca, Renieblas II, Castro de Yecla la Vieja, La Lámpara, Ambrona, early neolithic site, Renieblas V, Renieblas III, Renieblas IV, Roman villa La Tejada and Pajares. See local antiquities and history? The largest cities and communities in the area/region are Valladolid (c. 317,900 pop), Burgos (c. 179,000 pop), Salamanca (c. 155,600 pop), León (c. 134,300 pop), Palencia (c. 82,700 pop), Ponferrada (c. 68,700 pop), Zamora (c. 66,300 pop) and Gamonal (c. 60,000 pop).

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